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Release 2.4

Text and text background colours added, plus improved table handling in the pdf report export

New: Text colour and text background colour options added

The LiveDiligence editor toolbar now lets you select from a range of pre-defined font colours and text background colours.

New text colour and background colour options
New text colour and background colour options


Updated: The feedback button has been removed in order to centralise all user support requests. All feedback and requests for support should be sent using the “Contact Us” button inside the in-app help sidebar. Alternatively you can email us any time at

One place for all feedback
One place for all feedback

Fixed: If the last action before unlocking an item group was undo - this undo was not being saved.

Fixed: locking an item sometimes resulted in a slight change in text layout.

Fixed: Some tables that were full width on the app were not appearing as full width in the pdf export.

Fixed: Displaying wide tables in the pdf report. In some cases tables looked fine in the risk review, but were too wide to fit inside the pdf export. Now if tables are too wide to fit inside the pdf report they will appear with a horizontal scroll inside the risk review.

Fixed: Bug where very long tables were causing unwanted additional page breaks in the pdf report export.

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