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Release 2.5

A big UI update, Q&A batch actions, better table resizing, easier onboarding of external users, and more…

[NEW] Improved User Interface

This release brings a cleaner, more consistent user interface that maximizes the space available to work on the risk review. Users on smaller screens such as laptops in particular will notice a big improvement. Further UI improvements include:

  • All functionality is now accessible in a single top bar
  • Transaction name and context is shown on every page
  • Updated tab navigation for approval and publishing
Improved UI
Improved UI

[NEW] Q&A batch actions

For complex projects, the number of Q&A items can grow into the hundreds. Managing this dataset can be time consuming, especially if you need to update the status or assignment on lots of questions. That’s where batch actions come in. Now you are able to select a group of questions and perform an action (e.g. assign to a user) with a single click. If you spend time working with large Q&A lists this is going to save you a lot of time.

Update multiple questions with a single click
Update multiple questions with a single click

[NEW] Team & Permissions simplification

We have simplified the process of adding team members and inviting external users such as clients and sponsors to your projects. Firstly we have combined the previously separate Team and Permissions pages into a single page where roles can be created and users added in the same place. Secondly, external users no longer need to be part of an organisation and can be added via a simple email invite to any role you create. See our new Team & Permissions help page for a more in-depth guide to managing users.

[NEW] Assign questions to roles before adding users

With the move to role based permissions for external users it is now possible to assign questions to a role before adding any users. This allows you to prepare your all your questions in advance, so when you do add users to the role they see a complete list of questions already assigned.

[NEW] Auto assign new questions to a role

We have added a new Q&A permission option called “Auto assign visibility on all new questions”. This option is only available for internal roles within your organisation and when active the role will have visibility automatically assigned on all new questions. This is good if you have multiple internal role types and want those roles to have full visibility on the Q&A.

[NEW] Drag to resize table columns

Table columns can now be resized by highlighting the column and dragging.

Easy column control
Easy column control

[NEW] Edit inside approval tab

The approval tab is your first stop to see and review any changes that need to be checked before publishing. You told us you want to be able to edit content directly inside this view to avoid switching back and forth to the edit tab. So now you can.

Review and update in one place
Review and update in one place

[NEW] Automatically select all approved content for publish

This handy new feature lets you automatically select for publish any items that have previously been approved.

select all approved > publish > done
select all approved > publish > done

[NEW] Publish name helper window

Keeping your list of publish names consistent helps readers follow changes more easily. To help with this we now show you the history of previous publishes whenever you enter a new publish name.

In the name of consistency
In the name of consistency

[NEW] Versions Tab

We have moved all published versions of a review into a new tab called 'Versions'. This is a cleaner way to deal with published content, keeping it separate from the edit tab.  Here you can use the dropdown to view any individual publish, or compare between different publishes.  This is the only tab that external viewers (e.g. clients) will see if given access to the risk review.


[NEW] Edit publish name and description

Many of our users also asked if it is possible to change the publish name or description after publishing, well now you can using the 'Manage versions' button!

Notion image


[FIXED] Table formatting changes would only save if accompanied by at least one key stroke. Now all your lovely table edits are saved 100% of the time, without the need for any keystrokes.


We have lots of other updates coming soon, so stay tuned for our next release.

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