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Release 2.7

Identify and analyse key risks in seconds with our new risk and status maps

Today we are excited to announce the release of our new LiveDiligence Risk and Status Maps - a radically better way to view, analyse, and share the risk and status of your due diligence projects.


Over the last few years we’ve talked to countless due diligence advisors and their clients to understand how we can make the process faster, easier, and more enjoyable. Without exception we hear how challenging it is to keep track of everything, especially on complex, time-pressured deals.


Advisors face the difficult task of delivering a thorough analysis that covers every conceivable risk, meanwhile clients dread the prospect of trawling through hundreds of pages of reporting in order to get to the key issues.


Often this leads to advisors wasting hours extracting and cross-referencing content from elsewhere in their report into separate summary tables. These tables then have to be maintained and updated when new content gets added or numbering gets updated, and the process repeats with every new report issued.


We build the LiveDiligence Risk Map to solve exactly this problem.


LiveDiligence Risk Map

The Risk Map lets you see on a single page the risk profile across your entire transaction. With a single click you can see exactly how those risks map onto the sections and sub-sections of your review.

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Cut to the chase with filters

Use dynamic risk filters to hep you remove the noise and focus what’s important

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Details on demand

Click any item in the risk review to see all the underlying details, all without ever leaving the page

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Track progress with the new Status Map

Project managing a complex due diligence is stressful, especially if you can’t get a sense of what’s been done and what’s still to do. That’s why we brought all the same functionality of the Risk Map and extended it to status, giving you a real-time, single point of truth on progress.

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Track risks as they evolve

Use the dashboard dropdown to see how the risk profile of a transaction has evolved across different published versions or your review.

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A powerful tool for client communication

When we tested the idea of sharing risk and status maps not just with advisors, but with their clients too, the response was so positive that we redesigned out permissions system make this possible.


You can now permission any client role to have access to the published risk and status maps on a transaction. Note that work in progress risk and status maps are never visible to clients.


This gives you a powerful tool for directing project update calls with your clients, while delivering a far superior user experience for clients to digest your findings.

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