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Account set-up

Get set-up with your account and password

Follow the 3 simple steps below to set up your account and get going.


If you'd like to learn more, you can book a free demo on our website or email us at


Step 1. Register your organisation

Before you can start working with LiveDiligence you will need to register your organisation.  You can do this by emailing us at

If your organisation is already registered, reach out to the LiveDiligence representative in your organisation and ask them to invite you.


Step 2. Name and password

Once your organisation is registered you will receive an email invitation to join LiveDiligence:

Click "Join organisation" and follow the steps to set up your name, and password


Step 3. Add two-factor authentication

After clicking Sign-up" you will be automatically directed to set-up two factor authentication.


You can choose to receive your code:

  • Via authenticator app (e.g. Microsoft Authenticator, Google, Authenticator, Authy, etc), or
  • Via text message


If you don't already have an authenticator app on your phone then you will need to download one.  The following are good options, available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store

  • Microsoft authenticator
  • Google authenticator
  • Authy
  • 1Password

Once downloaded, open the authenticator app on your phone and select "+" or "Scan QR code".

When prompted, point your phone's camera at the QR code shown.

After scanning, your app with display a six-digit code.  Enter it in the box:

Finally, save your recovery codes somewhere safe and click "Go to LiveDiligence" to get started.


Text message

Alternatively you can chose to have an authenticator code sent via text message to your mobile device.

Enter your mobile number when prompted


enter 6-digit code you received via text message


Finally, save your recovery codes somewhere safe and click "Go to LiveDiligence" to get started.


If you experience any problems with your account set-up, click the "Need help?" button on the bottom right of the set-up screen or email us at

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