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Release 2.6

Big speed improvements, better content organisation, plus tracking risk and status changes between versions

30 November 2022

[NEW] Tracking risk and status changes when comparing publishes

LiveDiligence makes it easy to compare the changes between different published versions of a due diligence project. With this update we are making these comparisons even more useful by also including a visual indicator of how the risk level and status of risk items has changed.


Advisors can see this whenever you have the ‘Compare to last publish’ button selected in the approval or publish tabs.


Clients will see this in the versions tab, whenever they select the ‘Compare’ toggle to show changes between different published versions of the due diligence.


[NEW] Risk review organised by group

Content in the risk review is now organised by group. In other words, the content for each top level grouping you create will be displayed on its own page. This keeps content organised and helps you stay focused within a specific sub-section or your review.

Each risk review group now has it’s own page
Each risk review group now has it’s own page

[NEW] Location saved when navigating tabs

Now when you navigate between the Edit, Approve, and Publish tabs your position in the risk review is preserved. The eliminates time wasted with unnecessary scrolling and helps you keep your focus on the area you are working.

Notion image

[NEW] Local expand collapse state saved

The risk review content you decide to expand or collapse now stays that way, even when you navigate away to different pages such as Q&A or report export - helping you get things set up just as you like.


[IMPROVED] Faster loading and navigation

This update includes some big performance improvements. Initial page loads, navigation, item scrolling, and item locking have all been made significantly faster.


[IMPROVED] Risk review layout and menus

We’ve tweaked a few things to make sure your content displays more clearly, with less clutter and empty space. We have also combined all the actions you can take on a risk item into a new unified menu.

New unified menu button
New unified menu button


  • Bug where compare to last publish styling would not get cleared when navigating back to the edit tab
  • Bug where ‘All’ filter could be removed, occasionally resulting in content shifting around
  • Bug where expand/collapse groups was not working
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