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LiveDiligence is a client-facing platform for structuring, reporting and collaborating on due diligence.


We empower advisors to report and collaborate on their risk review efficiently, with control. Investors and lenders benefit by getting live access to their risk review, so they can track issues as they develop – all in an environment carefully curated by their advisors.


Our mission is to make due diligence radically better. It’s a mission borne out of own frustrations and the repeated stress of trying to perform due diligence with inadequate tools


The constant hunting down of elusive documents, the late discovery of fundamental risks, the overwhelming sense of juggling too much disconnected information. We felt there had to be a better way.


But in 2017, we couldn't find any platform designed around the needs of due diligence professionals. Like everyone else we were left to cobble together messy solutions with documents, spreadsheets, data rooms, email chains and a host of third-party solutions.  We felt a strong desire to make something better, so we did.


Today LiveDiligence has been used on over 400 due diligence projects,  helping professionals deliver their best work faster and without the stress.


If you are interested in finding out more, drop us a message at

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